Curry Focus Visitors in 2012

Hi, Ray here again.

We had a lot of visitors to the Curry Focus website in 2012. A few thousand less than in 2011 but we’re still happy with the numbers.

The UK provides 67% of the visitors. We started the website aimed at the UK but are pleased to see that we have a true worldwide audience with visitors from 174 different countries in 2012.

The top 10 countries are shown in the following table.

2012 Position Country 2011 Position
1 UK 1
2 USA 2
3 Australia 4
4 New Zealand 3
5 Canada 5
6 India 7
7 Ireland 6
8 Germany 11
9 France 8
10 South Africa 9

The top 10 countries gave us 92% of the 2012 visitors. We’re pretty pleased that we have an increasing number of visitors from India, the place that we see as the “birthplace” of curries. The combined visitors from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (the pre-1948 India) would still come 6th in the table.

Since the launch of the Curry Focus website, there have been visitors from 210 different countries and territories. Not quite the whole world but not too far away. We certainly seem to attract a wide range of curry lovers.

We promise to keep publishing your curry recipes – keep sending them to us. Don’t worry about getting the format too much because we’ll format the recipes and make sure that there are metric and imperial equivalents to keep everyone happy. Just send them to

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We’re planning a few changes to the website this year. No spectacular changes but a few improvements that you have requested.

In the meantime, keep making the curries and coming to see us. Don’t forget that this is a FREE website. Tell your friends about us and get them to visit and send us their favourite recipes.

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