Leftover Turkey Meat Safety

Hi, Ray here again.

Turkeys are big birds that we often eat at Christmas and Thanksgiving as part of a big family meal.

And after the main day, there is always a great pile of leftover turkey meat which we need to use up.

One of the best ways to use up leftover turkey is in a curry. There are some really good turkey curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. And they are really easy to make. All you need is a few basic spices. If you make your own curries then you will already have them. If making a curry is new to you then you can get the spices from your local shop, store or supermarket.

But the one thing to be wary about is eating turkey meat when it is long past its “safe to eat” date.

In the past, we have noticed visitors to the Curry Focus website looking for turkey curry recipes more than a week after the bird must have been cooked. This is a long time to be eating meat that has been cooked and is often left lying around in the open. We know that you usually put the leftover turkey into the fridge, but the main festival meal usually lasts for a long time and the meat is usually sitting on the table all this time.

And the fridge is not usually as efficient during the holiday break because it is usually packed with food and drinks and the fridge door is constantly being opened and closed while people are snacking.

You should put the leftover turkey into the fridge within a couple of hours of having carved the meat and serving up the meal. When you want to use some of the leftover turkey meat, only take as much out of the fridge as you need and leave the rest in the fridge (don’t bring all of the leftover meat out of the fridge to warm up again).

Generally speaking, you should eat all of the turkey meat within 48 or 72 hours of cooking the turkey. And, when you’re reheating the meat, make sure that it is really well heated. Another safety tip is never to reheat turkey meat more than once.

You can freeze turkey meat and safely keep it in the freezer for a month. Just separate the meat into freezer bags, or plastic containers, and pop them into the freezer. Don’t put all of the meat into one bag – make separate portions to match what you will probably eat in a meal. Label and date the turkey containers so that you know what is in the bags and containers.

If you follow these simple safety rules then you will continue to enjoy your turkey meat.

Of course, the best way to enjoy leftover turkey is to make a leftover turkey curry. Yummy.

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