Some Indian Curry Facts

Once again we have spotted some interesting facts about curries and how much we British spend on these yummy meals.

The average Briton will spend £20 each month on Indian food which they cook for themselves at home and spend £30 every month eating curries in restaurants. That all adds up to just over £30,000 in a lifetime (if your curry-eating lifetime is 50 years).

These facts come from the The Good Curry Guide, which is written by one of the curry world’s most well-known chefs, Pat Chapman.

And people are still spending this kind of money despite the UK being in a recession. We Brits love our curries.

According to the magazine called Spice Business, the 10,000-odd UK curry restaurants cater to 2.5 million customers each and every week. Now that’s a lot of rice and curry.

You can read more about these curry facts here.

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