What Are Kedgeree and Kitchari?

Hum. Kedgeree and Kitchari. Sounds like the title of a bad song from the 80s. Oops, that’s lost me a few readers already.

So what are kedgeree and kitchari? I’ve done a bit of research on the Internet and it seems that there is massive confusion out there. A few sources say that they are the same thing but the majority describe them as different dishes. And I’m inclined to see that they are 2 different dishes. And I’ve tried neither of them (so far).

The word “kedgeree” always brings to my mind images of an overlong TV murder mystery where rich people drift into a huge dining room to have some kind of warm breakfast. A couple of servants make sure that the supply of food is maintained whilst the assembled diners bitch and snipe at each other. And it isn’t too long before the butler enters the room and announces that a body has been found in the drawing room (whatever a drawing room is).

Time to leave the murder mystery.

So kedgeree is a breakfast. It appears to be a British invention from India. Most kedgeree dishes have smoked fish, rice, hard-boiled eggs and curry powder in them. The food is heated and served warm (rather than hot). And other ingredients sometimes get put into the mix. In fact, kedgeree seems to be a dish that uses up leftovers. Spiced up leftovers? Yum.

But not all kedgeree dishes have fish in them. There is a smoked fish kedgeree recipe on the Curry Focus website but there is also one there for leftover turkey kedgeree. Both recipes look easy enough to follow so I’ll add them to the ever-increasing list of Curry Focus recipes to test.

Now kitchari is totally different. Kitchari is an Ayurvedic dish that is basically made with rice, mung beans and spices. Kitchari is usually described as being a soup but the soup can be thick, as well as thin, so could sometimes can be described as a stew (or even a porridge). The Ayurvedic aspect of the dish is that it is very easy to digest and gives your body a chance to spend less time on digesting food and more on repairing and maintaining itself.

There is a kitchari recipe on the Curry Focus website and it looks to be another easy recipe that produces a tasty meal. Maybe I need to add this recipe to my ever-growing list of curry recipe that must be tried.

To spread confusion over the recipes, there are different ways of spelling kedgeree and kitchari. And kitchari is sometimes given as an alternative spelling of kedgeree.

But the 2 different dishes seem to be for tasty meals. Maybe they really deserve more attention. And you could have one for breakfast and the other for dinner!

Now I have to go and get that awful song out of my head. Where’s the mallet?

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