Thanksgiving 2012 and Turkey Curry

The US Thanksgiving is almost here. This year Thanksgiving is on 22nd November and preparations are well in hand to visit friends and family. If you haven’t made plans by now then you’re already too late.

It is well known that the most popular Thanksgiving meat is turkey (about 88% of people in the US eat turkey on Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Federation) . And it is also well known that turkeys are often pretty big and there will be turkey meat left over after the big day.

Thanksgiving usually stretches over 3 or 4 days (Thursday to Saturday or Sunday) and the leftover turkey is used up in lots of ways from being put into sandwiches, soups, casseroles or just eaten cold with some vegetables.

But why not have a leftover turkey curry this year? There are some leftover turkey curry recipes, among the turkey curry recipes, on the Curry Focus website and there’s sure to be one there that appeals to you. You don’t need to buy lots of spices – all you need are the ones in the recipes. And most of the recipes only take about 30 minutes to cook. They are easy recipes which give you tasty food.

If you don’t like spicy hot curries then you can make them a bit milder by cutting back on the curry powder, chilli powder or fresh chillies – these are the ingredients that give a curry its heat. And if you like really spicy hot curries then add more curry powder, chilli powder or fresh chillies.

If you haven’t followed a recipe before, you may not know how spicy the curry is going to be so it may be a good idea to have a raita to eat with the curry. A raita is based on yogurt, which is great at taking the sting out of a hot curry. There are raita recipes on the Curry Focus website for you. They are really, really, easy to make and are an enjoyable dish by themselves.

So plan ahead a little and get the ingredients for when they are needed.

Enjoy Thanksgiving.

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