Brick Lane Curry Houses Feeling the Pinch

A cold financial wind is howling around Brick Lane, one of the major curry centres in the UK.

VAT went up to 20% last January and this is one of the factors that is being held up as to why there are a lot less curries being served up in this famous curry area.

The Olympics are also being blamed for loss of custom. The Brick Lane restaurants were expecting bumper crowds over the Olympic period but the crowds did not come.

And, to top it all, the council put tarmac over the top of the cobbles in the street because it is easier and cheaper to maintain a tarmac road than a cobble one. The Brick Lane businesses say that the cobbles gave the area character and highlighted that the area was historic. The council rejects the claims that the cobbles were traditional as they were only laid in the 1990s.

Three restaurants have closed so far this year and more closures are expected.

Is this the beginning of the end for the curry houses in Brick Lane? We certainly hope not.

You can read more about the problems facing Brick Lane here.

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