Cannellini Bean and Vegetable Chilli Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Following on from my run of great vegetarian curries (you did read about the sublime curry in the saag bhaji curry recipe review, didn’t you?), I decided to push my luck and try another vegetarian curry. I scanned through the list of vegetarian curry recipes and chose the cannellini bean and vegetable chilli recipe.

“What?”, I hear you say. “A chilli?”.

Yes, why not? A chilli is a curry. I see the recipe has onions, chilli powder, fresh chilli, cumin and tomatoes. It looks like a curry to me. And a healthy one. I’ve never made a chilli with cannellini beans before (I’ve always used kidney beans) so here’s another first for me.

Saturday saw me getting the needed ingredients when I was out on my regular shopping trip (I lead such an exciting life).

The recipe looked easy enough and the major workload was preparing the ingredients.

I calculated that the cooking time would be about an hour and got everything ready in plenty of time to do the actual cooking.

And the cooking was a breeze. The one thing that was obvious was that this is a big curry. Luckily my favourite frying pan is big and everything fitted really well.

Nothing went wrong during the cooking and, right on schedule, I was serving up the Cannellini Bean and Vegetable Chilli on basmati rice.

And this is a great chilli. Everything was well cooked. The sauce was a bit runny but nothing really to get upset about (the sauce was a lot thicker the next day when I heated up the leftovers). The chilli was a symphony of red and orange (who said that I wasn’t poetic?) and had a brilliant mixture of tastes. Everyone loved it and it received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Hot”.

This is really a great vegetarian meal that is easy to make. Give it a try yourself!

cannellini bean and vegetable chilli image

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