Saag Bhaji Curry Recipe Review

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This weekend I decided to try out a vegetarian curry recipe – Saag Bhaji Curry.

There are lots of vegetarian curry recipes on the Curry Focus website and I never seem to try out many of them.

In reality, I have tried out quite a few but there are so many that I feel that I don’t test enough of them.

I spotted the saag bhaji curry recipe and wondered why it is amongst the vegetarian curry recipes.

If it’s a bhaji then it should be amongst the starter recipes, just like the onion bhaji recipe.

But when I looked at the recipe, I saw that it was indeed a curry and not just a saag version of an onion bhaji.

What’s happening here? I did a bit of research on the Internet and found out that a saag bhaji is indeed a curry – one that contains a green leafy ingredient and usually has potato in it.

So a saag bhaji really is totally different to an onion bhaji. It’s all very confusing.

The saag bhaji curry looked like it would be pretty tasty so I decided to make it and find out for myself.

The only thing that I didn’t really like was that the cooking time was almost an hour. Nevertheless, the decision was made.

Apart from the spinach, I already had the rest of the ingredients.

I’ve received a couple of emails from people asking me when I buy my spices. Well, I buy them when my existing supply runs out.

I try not to overstock my spices because they do go stale and lose their potency after a while.

I try and have no more than a 3 month supply of any one spice on hand.

When I’m nearly out of a spice, I write it down on my shopping list and buy the spice when I’m next out shopping (I can see you’re impressed with my organisation, or you may think it’s sad).

OK, enough about how I shop, back to the recipe.

As usual, I prepared all of the ingredients, estimated how long it would take to cook the curry (in this case, about an hour) and then started cooking so that the curry would be ready at the right time.

All of this planning also make me look like I’m well organised but, believe me, I’m not. It’s just that I like to eat on time.

The first stage of cooking went without a hitch. I’m always impressed with how much spinach reduces in size when it is cooked and this time was no exception.

The second stage of cooking went OKish. I found that the potato cubes kept sticking to the saucepan and how to keep stirring all of the time so that they wouldn’t burn. Maybe a bit more oil would have worked better?

And the final stage of cooking went just fine. Everything came together and even the microwave beeped to say the rice was ready just as the curry was ready.

So I served up the saag bhaji curry on basmati rice.

And how was the saag bhaji curry? Well, it was great. Everything was cooked properly.

This was a dry curry and you could really taste the spinach, potato and onion amongst the spices. Maybe the curry was a bit spicy hot – one of my local Indian shops was selling dried chillies which were labelled “Very Hot” and they seem to live up to their billing.

The curry had a spice/heat level of “Hot” with a taste rating of 9 out of 10.

Why not try out this recipe for yourself? It is a winner.

 saag bhaji curry image

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