Cut Back the Bad Curry Ingredients

If you’ve read some of my curry blogs before, you’ll know that I love all kinds of curry and that there’s hardly a curry dish that I won’t try.

But I do draw the line at a couple of things. And they are too much oil and salt in a curry.

A complaint that I’ve heard a lot about curries, is that they are too oily and too salty. My own experience is that this is sometimes true about curries cooked in restaurants but that curries made at home or bought from a supermarket tend to be healthier.

As we become more health conscious (or rather, some of us become more health conscious) we are more aware of unhealthy amounts of curry ingredients.

I recently came across a recipe for a chicken curry on the Internet. The recipe called for 3 onions. This is more onion than in a normal curry, except maybe for a dopiasa, but the amount of onion wasn’t the problem with the recipe. The recipe called for the onions to be fried in a cup of oil. Yes a cup. The Curry Focus website uses a cup size of 250ml in its recipes (a US cup is 237ml and a UK cup is 285ml) so, based on this size, the recipe wanted over 16 tablespoons of oil. Way way way way too much. I would have thought that 6 or 7 tablespoons would have been more than enough to fry 3 onions. If you regularly eat excessive quantities of oil then you’re going to put on weight. And your heart probably won’t appreciate all this extra oil either.

Not too long ago, I bought a couple of dals from a new Indian food shop. I love dals and
I wanted a quick meal that night as I was going out and didn’t have much time to do any cooking. I heated up the dals for me and Wendy and we started to eat them. They were laden with salt. They tasted disgusting. The dals were inedible. I have read before that restaurants have been known to put too much salt in curries but this often goes unnoticed because of all of the spices in the curries drowning out the salt taste. Too much salt is bad for you. Or rather, too much sodium is bad for you (salt contains sodium), especially if you have high blood pressure.

You have complete control over the ingredients when you make your own curries. Keep an eye on the ingredient amounts that you use. Over time, your body will thank you.

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