Chocolate Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

It is not often that the Lincolnshire town of Scunthorpe gets linked with the culinary world but maybe this is about to change.

Because news had filtered into the Curry Focus office that the owner of a Scunthorpe curry takeaway has invented the chocolate chicken tikka masala.

This new dish is the same as a normal chicken tikka masala with the addition of half a bar of milk chocolate to the curry.

And apparently the addition of chocolate has resulted in a tasty variation on the usual chicken tikka masala.

Some of the Curry Focus team have eaten chocolate as part of a Mexican meal (where the term mole is used to describe a sauce that may have chocolate in it).

But we are sceptical as to whether the chocolate chicken tikka masala is a lasting addition to the huge range of curry dishes.

You can read more about this Scunthorpe curry invention here.

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