Tandoori Chicken Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I have a confession. In all my years of eating curries, I’ve never had tandoori chicken. I’ve seen a few tandoori chicken meals being served up and about all I know about the dish is that it is red and contains chicken. I admit that this is a woeful admission but there you go – facts are facts.

I found the tandoori chicken recipe in amongst the great range of chicken curry recipes and gave it a good look. The curry looked pretty easy to make. I saw that marinating the chicken in yoghurt was needed which meant that I had to start the marinating on Saturday night so that we could the meal on Sunday evening.

I bought the chicken thighs, some yoghurt and salad stuff whilst out shopping and Saturday evening saw me covering the chicken thighs in marinade and popping the marinating chicken into the fridge. Here’s another confession. I couldn’t get chicken thighs with the bones in and had to settle for boneless and skinless chicken thighs.

All of the work (not that there was much work) was done on Saturday and the Sunday cooking consisted of heating up the oven and putting in the chicken thighs to cook, melting some butter and preparing the salad items whilst the tandoori chicken was cooking.

After minimal effort, I served up the Tandoori Chicken with a simple salad to the assembled food tasters.

And everyone really enjoyed the tandoori chicken. Unlike the chicken that I’d seen served up in restaurants, the tandoori was not red. I suppose you could add some food colouring (which is probably what the restaurants do) but it’s only a colour, not a taste. The chicken was well cooked and tasted delicious. It was a bit strange eating salad with a curry dish but it must be healthy, being green. The tandoori chicken received an average taste score of 9 out of 10, with a spice/heat level of “Hot”.

I will almost certainly use this recipe again but will probably provide a raita on the side to help cool down the curry a little.

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