Expensive Celebrity Curry Night

As much as the Curry Focus team tries to avoid following the activities of Hollywood celebrities (there are plenty of magazines and websites that do that), last week’s celebrity curry night has caused so much internet traffic that we cannot ignore it.

And what was the big curry news? Brad and Angelina spent £3,000 on curries and drinks.

The final bill came to over £2,000 and they left a tip of over £700.

Now that’s a lot of money for a curry.

Brad and Angelina paid for themselves, 5 friends and 2 bodyguards. 9 people in all.

The hungry group just turned up at a Surrey curry house and ordered lots of different curries and ate a little bit of each so they could sample the different dishes.

But it wasn’t the food that cost most money – it was the booze. They washed the food down with expensive champagne and wine.

It’s the last bit that shocked us. Just how can you enjoy a great curry night without a couple of pints of lager?

You can find this story on loads of websites and no doubt it will turn up in the print media pretty soon. You can read the full story here.

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