Vegetable Curry Recipe (version 1) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Before the weekend had arrived I’d already decided on which curry recipe I was going to try. It was a Vegetable Curry from the large range of vegetarian curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. I’m trying to eat healthily for a while and this recipe had two of my all-time favourite ingredients – potatoes and peas. Lovely jubbly. One other great benefit of this curry is that the ingredients are pretty cheap.

I checked the kitchen stocks and saw that I only had to buy the beans and tomatoes for the curry. An easy shop.

I prepared and parboiled the potatoes before getting the other ingredients ready. Crushing the peppercorns wasn’t my idea of fun but I grabbed the mortar and pestle rather than messing up the spice grinder for the sake of one tablespoon of spice. All of this was pretty straightforward and I met only one complication and that was with the chillies.

Last weekend I bought a new small batch of chillies and these were twice the size of the normal green chillies that I get. I didn’t know the variety of chillies and had no idea as to how hot they were, compared to my normal chillies. So to play it safe, I only used one of the chillies instead of the 2 chillies that were in the recipe.

As usual, I started cooking the vegetable curry before the curry tasters (guinea pigs?) arrived and the final cooking phase was underway when they arrived.

This is a really easy curry recipe to follow and before long I was serving up the Vegetable Curry on basmati rice.

So how was it? Great. All of the ingredients were well cooked and the combination was great. The curry is pretty dry with only a small amount of sauce. The only problem was the spice/heart level because this curry was hot – it bordered on being very hot but the average vote was “hot”. It was a good job that I only used one of the new type of chilli and I’ll need to keep an eye on these chillies in future recipes. But even though the curry was too hot for one person, it still received a great taste score of 8 out of 10.

I loved this curry and I’ll definitely be using this curry recipe again.

vegetable curry image

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