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Welcome to the April 2012 edition of the Curry Focus Newsletter!

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Latest Articles
Welsh Curry Awards 2012 Winner – The judges have chosen the top Welsh curry house for 2012 and the winner is….

Whole Chicken with Yoghurt Curry Recipe Review – The recipe is a bit more complicated than I usually go for but Wendy put up her hand to make the curry so that was sorted….

Tarka Dal (version 2) Recipe Review – I haven’t found any curry lovers who don’t like a good dal so this was the choice for this weekend….

Garlic Naan Bread Recipe Review – Last week I was happily eating a chicken kadai with naan bread at my favourite curry house and it occurred to me that I hadn’t tried a naan recipe in a while….

Missi Roti Recipe Review – I seem to be following a bread trail just now (not really sure where it is going but there’s probably going to be a yummy curry at the end of it)….

Scottish Curry Awards 2012 Nominations – Nominations are now open for the 5th annual Scottish Curry Awards….

Roti, Chapati, Puri, Paratha and Naan Breads – We often get asked what the difference is between all of those breads you can eat with dals or curries….

Chicken Dhansak Curry Recipe (version 2) Review – Most people who know me will tell you that I love a great dal curry. And I also live a great chicken curry….

Welsh Curry Awards 2012 Finalists – The top curry houses in the 3 Welsh regions have been chosen and now go forward to the final judging to see which restaurant gets the Welsh Curry Award for 2012…..

Top 10 recipes for last month

1 Poppadoms
2 Chicken Bhuna Curry
3 Chicken Pathia (Patia) Curry
4 Saag Bhaji
5 Madras Curry Paste
6 Chicken Dhansak Curry
7 Peshwari Naan
8 Poppadoms (version 2)
9 Chicken Sagwala Curry
10 Gujarati Potato Curry

Why not tell us the recipes that you like? You can submit a new recipe here and a restaurant here.

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