Japanese Kare-Pan

About a year ago we wrote about a South African curry called Bunny Chow that is made out of bread that is filled with curry.

We recently read about another curry and bread combination, called Kare-Pan, that comes from Japan.

Kare-Pan is a bit different to the Bunny Chow though.

Basically, Kare-Pan is a bread bun (or roll) made out of a sweet dough where the curry mixture is put into the middle of the bun, the bun is covered with breadcrumbs and then it is deep fried.

Kare-Pan is very popular and is sold in most places where you can buy bread.

It certainly sounds an interesting way of eating curry although it doesn’t sound a healthy meal choice.

If you have a Kare-Pan recipe then could you send it to us so we can share it with the rest of the curry-loving world.

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