South African Beef Bobotie Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited round to a workmate’s home for dinner. This was not a usual thing to happen but my workmate’s wife had heard that I was keen on curries. She was South African and was keen to let me sample a popular South African curry.

And the curry that she was going to prepare was a beef bobotie. I’d never heard of a beef bobotie before and was keen to try one. I was going to have a new curry and not have to cook it myself – such luxury. The curry must be good otherwise I wouldn’t have been invited.

I checked out bobotie on the Internet. Various websites told me that the dish used spicy minced (ground) meat with a topping that had egg in it. An alternate spelling is bobotjie. The traditional meat used to be mutton or pork but nowadays the meat is more likely to be beef or lamb. The couple of recipes that I found looked good so I was really looking forward to the meal.

Saturday evening saw Wendy and me grabbing some beers and a couple of bottles of wine and heading out for dinner.

We arrived, had a great time chatting, joking and drinking until we were called to the dinner table. The bobotie was served up with mashed potatoes and salad.
Apparently you can serve it up with almost anything (even rice, if you want). And it was yummy. The plates were quickly emptied and it was a very successful meal.

I persuaded Jess to supply me with the recipe which Jess was more than happy to do. Jess said that it had been adapted from a recipe that had been on the Internet, rather than from a family member (so it wasn’t a recipe passed down in the family). I published the South African Beef Bobotie Curry recipe on the Curry Focus website amongst the range of beef curry recipes.

Of course, this now means that I had to try out the recipe for myself. I picked up the minced (ground) beef and allspice berries whilst out during my regular Saturday shopping trip. I had never used allspice berries before, although I had used ground allspice, so there was another first for me. I checked with Jess about what type of milk to use (full cream, semi or skimmed) and was told that it really didn’t matter, although most cooks would probably insist on using full cream milk. I don’t usually have full cream milk in the house so this recipe would use skimmed milk.

Sunday afternoon saw me starting to make the bobotie.

First, I soaked the bread. I must admit that this was the first curry that I ‘d ever made that had bread in it. Mind you, I have had a few curry sandwiches in my time.

Making the bobotie was not all that difficult except that 1KG of minced (ground) beef fills up my trusty frying pan almost to the top. Stirring the curry needed care so as not to spray the ingredients all over the kitchen.

After about half an hour, I put the cooked ingredients into a large casserole and gently poured the egg and milk mixture over the top. Into the oven it went whilst I prepared the vegetables that were going to be eaten with the bobotie – spinach and French (green) beans.

Everything was ready at the same time so I served up the South African Beef Bobotie Curry to the waiting diners.

And how was it? It was great. The portions were large and this curry easily feeds 8 people. Everything was well cooked and the botobite was nice and moist. Although the curry had a spice/heat level of “Hot”, it wasn’t too overpowering – you could even still taste the mango chutney. Everyone enjoyed the beef bobotie and it received an average taste socre of 7.5 out of 10.

One mistake that I think I made was that I didn’t serve up any carbs with the curry. Rice or potatoes (even pasta) would have gone down well with the curry. I’ll be sure to have some carbs the next time I make this great curry. Try it for yourself.

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