Most Popular Curry Blogs in 2011

This month, we have already talked about the number of Curry Focus visitors in 2011, in the blog titled “Curry Focus Visitors in 2011”, and the most viewed curry recipes of 2011, in the blog titled “Most Popular Curry Recipes in 2011”.

We get a lot of visitors reading our curry blogs so just what were the most viewed blogs in 2011?

Just like in all previous years, the most viewed blog was “How to Cool Down a Curry That’s Too Hot”. This has been the most viewed blog every year since it was written. The advice in the blog is still as current as it ever was. I usually have a raita on the table if serving up a curry to somebody where I’m not sure how hot they like their curries. Even if the dinner guests don’t need the raita to cool down their curry, it is a tasty side dish so does not go to waste. There is a raita recipe category on the Curry Focus site.

And, once again, the second most viewed blog was “Indian Food – The Facts”. With thousands of restaurants and supermarkets delivering billions of pounds worth of curries to millions of hungry Britons every year, it is news to nobody that Indian curries are the most popular ethnic food in the UK.

The third most viewed blog was titled “Leftover Turkey Curry”. This blog is viewed a lot around Christmas and Thanksgiving and it is amazing that it comes third in popularity against blogs that are viewed over the whole year. The number of turkey curry recipes, especially leftover turkey curry recipes, has increased since the blog was written and there is now a turkey curry recipe category on the Curry Focus site.

You will hardly be surprised to read that a “Leftover Ham Curry” blog appears in the top 100 viewed blogs but it is unlikely to overtake the “Leftover Turkey Curry” blog in the number of views, at least in the foreseeable future. You can see the latest leftover ham curry recipes in the “Pork Curry Recipes and Ham Curry Recipes” category on the Curry Focus site.

Now you know the most viewed blogs on the Curry Focus site. Will they be the same next year or will the top three blogs be totally different? We will let you know next year.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the curry blogs and curry recipes. Don’t forget to tell your friends about us. And remember, everything on the site is FREE.

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