Leftover Turkey Curry Recipe Visitors in 2011

We love this time of the year when we get hundreds of visitors looking for leftover turkey curry recipes. The Curry Focus website has a great range of leftover turkey curry recipes and we have tested a couple ourselves.

The main times for eating turkey are Christmas and Thanksgiving and we get lots of leftover turkey curry recipe searches during those two festivals.

We checked out the visitor details for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2011 and found that some of you may be risking eating bad food by keeping the leftover turkey for too long. We found that a lot of people were still looking for leftover turkey recipes 8 days after the US Thanksgiving and 9 days after Christmas.

You should not be eating leftover turkey if it has been in the fridge all of this time – it is way past its safe eating date.

We did a bit of searching on the Internet and have found some sites saying that it is OK to eat turkey that has been in the fridge for 5 days but we feel that 3 days is a more acceptable maximum.

What you could have done with leftover turkey meat is to strip the meat from the bones, put the meat into freezer bags and then pop the bags into the freezer. You can safely keep your cooked turkey in the freezer for about a month and you can defrost, and then eat, the meat at your leisure. It is too late to do this with your 2011 turkey but try and remember this for this year’s festivities.

We hope you enjoyed your leftover turkey curries.

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