Curcumin Fights Prostate Cancer

Once again we read about a component of a major curry spice being used in the seemingly never-ending fight against cancer.

And, once again, it is the curcumin compound (the ingredient that makes turmeric yellow).

Over the years we have written blogs about the use of curcumin in the battle against skin, breast, oesophageal and bowel cancers and this time it is prostate cancer that is being treated with curcumin.

And once again it is synthetic curcumin being used because the body absorbs synthetic curcumin more easily than natural curcumin.

It has been discovered that the synthetic curcumin inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells.

It is early days in the research cycle and the synthetic curcumin has yet to be tested with humans.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for future news of curcumin and prostate cancer and will let you know what happens.

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