Easy Chicken Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

I’ve commented more than once about the number of chicken curry recipes which are on the Curry Focus website. A recent arrival among the chicken curry recipes is one for an Easy Chicken Curry (there is more than one Easy Chicken Curry recipe and the new arrival is version 2). The curry looked really easy to make (so it would live up to its title) and I selected it for this week’s recipe test.

As usual, I already had most of the ingredients in the house and all I had to pick up when shopping was the chicken thighs, chicken stock and fresh coriander (cilantro). Normally I have lots of chicken stock in the freezer but Wendy has recently gone through a soup making phase and reduced my chicken stock level down to zero (I prefer making my own chicken stock than buying but did not have time to go to the butcher to get some bones).

Late Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the ingredients and I started to cook the curry before the curry tasters arrived (they just seem to saunter in when the food is about ready).

The diners arrived just as the rice was set underway in the microwave and so had time for a nice beer whilst catching up on the weekend activities.

There is nothing difficult about following this recipe at all and the recipe does live up the “easy” tag.

Pretty soon everything was ready and I served up the Easy Chicken Curry on basmati rice.

The curry was very runny and had lots of liquid. I had the heat cranked up pretty high for the last 5 minutes of cooking but there was still too much liquid at the end. Maybe all of the last 20 minutes of cooking should have been done without the curry being covered so that the liquid would be reduced more. Or maybe only 250ml (9 fl oz) of chicken stock should have been used instead of 500ml (17 fl oz).

Anyway, I served up the curry without too much liquid.

And how was the curry? Pretty average. The chicken was well cooked and the curry had a “clean” taste. The spice/heat level was mild and you could easily taste the coriander (cilantro). But even though the curry was very edible, it didn’t really make anybody say “wow” – the best comment that was made was “nice”. In the end, the Easy Chicken Curry received an average taste score of 6.5 out of 10.

The curry maybe needs a few tweaks to make it better – less liquid and more heat (maybe a couple of fresh chillies or more chilli powder).

It certainly is an easy curry to make but does not appear on my list of curries to make again.

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