Leftover Ham Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

The last recipe that I reviewed was one for a leftover turkey curry. With Christmas fast approaching I thought that I should try out a leftover recipe seeing that there was a good chance that leftover meat would be around after the main day.

But we often have leftover ham to deal with, as well as leftover turkey, and so I thought that I should try out a leftover ham curry recipe. Luckily a leftover ham curry recipe has recently arrived on the Curry Focus website (you can find it amongst the pork and ham curry recipe category) and the recipe looked like a very easy recipe to follow. The recipe uses curry powder and I know a lot of people turn up their noses at using curry powder, preferring to use the individual spices when cooking a curry. However, I have no such qualms about using curry powder when necessary. And considering that the main cook will already have spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the traditional Christmas meal, it seems like this is an ideal time to use curry powder and minimise the amount of cooking time for the leftover ham curry.

I picked up the fresh ingredients when out shopping, as well as buying some lovely precooked ham.

Preparation of the ingredients is really quick and easy. In fact the only tricky bit was crushing the lemongrass. Lemongrass is an extremely tough plant and I had to use a bit of effort to lightly crush it. But it only needs a light crushing to break the skin and the result is well worth the trouble.

The total cooking time is only about 20 minutes and so I waited before the curry tasters arrived before starting to heat the oil in my trusty frying pan. I’ve had this cast iron frying pan for years now and it is still my first choice pan to cook curries (I even cook dal in the frying pan).

Anyway, back to the cooking.

Once the oil was hot enough, I fried the curry powder and then added the ham and spring onion (scallion or green onion). The ingredients became fairly dry so I had to stir them often. Not quite a stir-fry but not far from it.

Then in went the rest of the ingredients, followed soon after by starting the rice cooking in the microwave.

I didn’t need to add any extra water and the curry ended up being dry. I suppose water may have been needed if I’d cooked it at a higher temperature (I must have cooked this curry correctly!).

The recipe called for final cooking stage to be 15 minutes, which seemed a bit long to me. But I suppose you cannot be too careful when reheating cooked meat and the extra time would let the lemongrass blend into the curry.

Altogether the cooking time was 22 minutes and I was soon serving up the Leftover Ham Curry on basmati rice to the hungry diners.

And the curry was lovely. The ham was well cooked and the overall taste sensations included lemon and coriander (cilantro). The curry was dry and had a good consistency. The leftover ham curry received an average taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of medium to hot. I use a hot curry powder but you could reduce the spice/heat level by using a milder curry powder or just using less of it.

All in all, this was a very acceptable meal and definitely tops eating leftover ham sandwiches or salad. Just make sure you have some curry powder and greens over the holiday so you can try the recipe for yourself.

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