Roast Turkey Meat Safety

The Curry Focus website gets a lot of visitors over the festive period looking for leftover turkey curry recipes. This is great as we like a good turkey curry ourselves. The great range of Curry Focus recipes has some leftover turkey recipes for you to try.

The main peak times for eating roast turkey is Christmas and Thanksgiving (both Canada and the USA celebrate Thanksgiving, with Canada Thanksgiving being in October and USA Thanksgiving in November).

But we notice that some people might be taking risks by holding on to their turkey meat too long after it has been cooked. We still get lots of visitors looking for leftover turkey curry recipes more than a week after when the turkey must have been cooked.

So in the interests of making sure that you survive your festive holiday, we did a bit of research on the Internet and have found some good advice about how to look after cooked roast turkey.

Once a turkey is defrosted then it should be cooked within 2 days (you can keep a frozen turkey in the freezer for up to 12 months).

Once you’ve eaten your meal, the leftover turkey should be put into the fridge (ideally within 2 hours of being carved and served). The turkey meat should be covered when put into the fridge. If you’re serving up cold turkey then only take as much turkey out of the fridge that you need to avoid leaving turkey meat lying around.

Eat all of the leftover turkey within 48 hours of the turkey being cooked.

If you’re reheating turkey meat (for example, in a yummy leftover turkey curry), then make sure that the meat is thoroughly heated.

Never reheat cooked turkey meat more than once.

You can freeze cooked turkey meat for up to a month – put the meat into freezer bags or containers and make sure that all of the air is squeezed out. Remember to label and date the packages so that you can see what is in them and so you can use the oldest first.

If you follow these simple steps then you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your roast turkey.

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