Fish Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

I was browsing through the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes for this weekend’s curry and was drawn to the Fish Curry recipe. The recipe name said it all – it was a simple fish curry. There were a couple of fiddly preparation steps at the beginning but, apart from those. This looked an easy curry to make.

I picked up some nice fish fillets whilst out doing the shopping, making sure to get fish that wasn’t too strong in case this overpowered the curry.

Late Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the marinade and then marinating the fish pieces.

And I started to cook the curry just after the usual curry tasters arrived.

I heated the oil and was very careful about adding the fish pieces because I knew that the oil would start to bubble and I didn’t want any spills to either burn me or get onto my clothes. I took the fish out of the oil once it had cooked and put it onto some sheets of kitchen paper in order to mop up the excess oil. I must admit that the yellow, greasy, fish pieces did not look very appetising.

The curry making part of the recipe was pretty standard and soon the fried fish pieces were cooking away in the onion paste. The last part of cooking this curry is very simple. The fish pieces started to break up and crumble even more whilst they were cooking and did not look very edible at all – maybe the final cooking time of 15 minutes is about 5 minutes too long? There was a lot of liquid left in the frying pan when the cooking was finished – maybe there should have only been 2 cups of water, instead of 3 cups, added to cook the fish.

Anyway, I kept following the recipe and was soon serving up the Fish Curry on basmati rice.

And how was the fish curry? Well, with the crumbly, yellow, pieces of fish the curry won’t win any beauty prizes. But the curry was very tasty. The fish was well cooked and the curry had a bit of a bite without the spice heat overpowering the curry – it had a clean taste. The spice/heat level was “Hot” and the fish curry received an average taste score of 8.5 out of 10.

If you like a hot curry, this is a definitely a curry that we recommend.

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