Chettinad Lamb Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

I was browsing through the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes, so that I could select a curry to have this weekend, and spotted the Chettinad Lamb Curry recipe. It looked an easy curry to make and I decided that this would be this weekend’s curry recipe.

But before anything, I needed to know what Chettinad was. I suspected that it would be a region in India and a quick search on Google confirmed that this was the case. With Chettinad being in Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. Chettinad is known for its cuisine so this was an extra reason for choosing to make the Chettinad lamb curry.

Early Saturday saw me shopping and I bought the lamb and the star anise. I was pretty excited at buying star anise because I’d never bought it before. I’d read that it was star shaped and had an aroma like fennel so I easy spotted it at my local Indian supply shop (and it was also labelled as star anise so this confirmed what it was). I bought some star anise and sniffed them on the way home – and yes, they smelled of fennel (aniseed) so I had bought the right thing.

Late afternoon saw me preparing the onion paste and preparing some little plates with the required spices and ingredients (regular readers will know that I prepare as much as I can before starting to cook).

I started cooking not long before the diners arrived and the cooking process was straightforward and pretty uneventful.

The diners arrived just before I started the rice and settled in the lounge with a beer whilst I wandered around the kitchen.

Almost on schedule (just a few minutes late) I served up the Chettanid Lamb Curry on basmati rice. Despite the last 5 minutes of cooking to reduce the liquid a bit, there was lots of sauce to go with the curry.

And how was the lamb curry? It was good. The lamb was tender and well cooked. This is a simple curry and, even though it tasted good, there was something missing. I managed to find one of the cardamom pods which released the lovely taste of cardamom into my mouth. The heat level of the curry was “Medium Hot”, which left a nice afterburn in my mouth, and it received an average taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

The Internet said that Chettinad was more famous for its chicken curries so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a Chettinad chicken recipe arriving on the Curry Focus website.

chettinad lamb curry image

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