Curry Addiction

With the end of National Curry Week, where lots of curries are eaten to raise funds for charities that fight hunger and poverty, a curry-related news item caught the attention of the Curry Focus team.

It is reported that a 49 year old woman, called Rochelle Peachey, has eaten curry for every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) since she tried a curry in a Brick Lane restaurant. The article is vague about when this love of curries started but if we assume that Rochelle eats 3 meals a day then this means that she has been devoted to curries for about 27 years.

During this time, Rochelle has eaten out at a curry house at least 3 times a week.

Rochelle carries around a bottle of spicy sauce in her handbag so she can spice up any food that she eats whilst away from home.

Rochelle enjoys a wide range of curry dishes, even a hot vindaloo, and happily eats raw chillies.

The Pataks curry company was so impressed with this story that it has named Rochelle as Britain’s biggest curry fan and has given her a year’s supply of curry sauces, pickles and pastes (we wonder just how big that supply would be for somebody like Rochelle).

Rochelle delights in eating raw chillies and has converted her husband, who used to throw away homemade curries and sneak out to buy burgers, to be a big curry fan as well.

The Curry Focus team is mightily impressed with Rochelle’s love of curries. Is this an addiction though? We don’t know but we’re all curry fanatics here and understand the lure of a yummy curry.

You can read more about this story here.

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