Dry Beef Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

After a few weeks of vegetarian curries, I thought that it was time to try one a meat curry again. I scanned the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes and I spotted the Dry Beef Curry recipe amongst the beef curry recipes. I love one of the beef madras curry recipes that I tried and reviewed way back in 2009, and have made several times since. So the dry beef curry seemed to be a recipe worth trying out.

Shopping was a breeze for this curry as I already had most ingredients. So I picked up the beef, fresh coriander (cilantro) and some beef stock while I was doing my usual Saturday shop.

Late on Sunday afternoon I roasted the spice seeds. Whilst the seeds were cooling, I prepared the rest of the ingredients. Then I made the spice powder and then the onion paste. All this was a bit more fiddly than using readymade ingredients but it really wasn’t too much of a strain.

I browned the beef pieces and pretty soon afterwards the real cooking was underway. Like most beef curries, there was a long cooking time for the beef (90 minutes) so most of the cooking time I was sitting in the lounge or doing other things.

The dinner guests arrived as the rice was cooking and soon I was adding the final yoghurt, salt and coriander (cilantro) ingredients.

And then I was serving up the Dry Beef Curry on basmati rice to the waiting diners.

This was not really what I would call a dry curry as there was plenty of sauce/gravy. Maybe the heat should have been higher during the final 30 minutes of cooking so that the liquid was reduced even more. The yoghurt added a bit of body and taste to the sauce. The beef was well cooked and the curry had a great taste. There was lots of food to eat and it wasn’t surprising that this curry serves up to 6 people. The beef curry received an excellent taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

If you like a hot beef curry then this is a curry recipe that you need to try out for yourself.

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