Potato and Tomato Curry Recipe Review

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I enjoyed last weekend’s vegetarian curry so Saturday morning saw me scanning the vegetarian curry recipes to see what I could find for this weekend. I soon spotted the Potato and Tomato Curry recipe which looked ridiculously easy to make.

As usual, I had most of the ingredients and all I had to do was pick up some nice tomatoes whilst I was out shopping.

And this is such an easy recipe that all I did before the dinner guests arrived was prepare the ingredients – so I peeled and cut up the potatoes, chopped up the tomatoes, peeled and grated the ginger, measured out the spice onto small plates and got the rice soaking in a bowl of water.

I started cooking as soon as the other diners arrived and pretty quickly everything was simmering away in my trusty cast iron frying pan. I got the rice ready to microwave and set it cooking when there was only 15 minutes of cooking time left.

Pretty soon everything was ready and I served up the Potato and Tomato curry on basmati rice.

And this was a very popular meal. The potatoes were well cooked (which was a relief – I’m always nervous of ending up with half cooked potato when following curry recipes). This was a very tasty curry with a background taste of liquorice from the fennel seeds. The curry was pretty dry and left a lovely aftertaste in the mouth. The curry received a taste score of 9 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

This is a delightful, healthy, curry that is really easy to make.

potato and tomato curry image

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