Japanese Curry Sauce Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

I’ve been hearing for a long time how good Japanese curry sauces are and this week I had a chance to try one out. I found a selection of curry sauces on a shelf in my local greengrocers, which was run by a Thai family.

The curry sauce is a cook in the bag sauce and the packet serving was for one person. You don’t have to prepare anything at all except for a saucepan of boiling water and some pasta. So I got some spaghetti underway (the packet said that the sauce went well with spaghetti) and then heated up a saucepan of water. Once the water was boiling, I popped in the curry sauce, which was in a sealed bag, and cooked it for 5 minutes.

Then all I did was drain the spaghetti and put it on a plate and then remove the curry sauce bag from the water, opening it with a pair of scissors and pouring the contents over the spaghetti. I must say that it looked a bit weird having a curry sauce on spaghetti instead of on rice.

The sauce contained potato and carrot pieces, as well as spices and liquid.

The first thing I saw was that the sauce was runny and didn’t look very appetising. When I shook the plate, the sauce wobbled rather than running. I checked the packet and saw that one of the ingredients was monosodium glutamate. Maybe that was the reason for the consistency.

There wasn’t much potato and carrot in the sauce and the pieces were well overcooked and mushy. And I know that pictures on food packets are often deceptive, but the pieces of potato and carrot in the sauce were way smaller than those shown on the packet picture. The sauce itself was very smooth with no lumps or hint of the other ingredients (maybe the sauce gets put through some kind of food processor to make it so smooth).

The sauce had a kind of generic curry taste which I would rate at around 5 out of 10. The spice/heat level was medium to hot, which matched what was advertised on the packet.

The one thing that the curry sauce had going for it was that it was extremely quick and easy to make. It does not take much time at all to boil some water and put the bag into it for 5 minutes.

I don’t know why I expected this curry sauce to be much better than the Vindaloo Curry Sauce that I reviewed a few months ago. The list of ingredients on the side of the Japanese Curry Sauce packet was impressive with 31 different items.

Since writing this review, I’ve chatted with a friend who has eaten a few Japanese curries in her time and she says that I must have got a bad brand as she has usually enjoyed her curries (and she’s a lot more particular about the food that she eats than I am). That may be true but I think I’ve been put off this particular type of curry sauce now.

Note that I tried a Japanese curry sauce, not a curry roux. From the sounds of it, a curry roux makes a meal that is a lot better than the sauce that I tried. And I’ll try out a curry roux if I spot one on my travels.

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