Jalfrezi Curry Now Number One in UK?

We’ve received a couple of emails pointing out that the chicken tikka masala curry is now not as popular as a jalfrezi curry in the UK.

Whilst it is possible that this could be true (the Curry Focus team is very partial to a good jalfrezi curry), it is worthwhile pointing out the source of this claim is a survey of only 1,000 people that was conducted by the new Chaat! Magazine.

It’s hard to project the results of this small survey sample against the whole of the UK. The survey placed jalfrezi first with 21 % of the vote, placed madras second with 18% and chicken tikka masala could only limp in at 8th place of popularity.

A jalfrezi curry is a lot hotter than chicken tikka masala.

It may well be true that the British palate is demanding hotter curries or it could just be that subscribers to Chaat! Magazine like hot curries.

If you haven’t eaten a jalfrezi curry then why not try one for yourself? It is hotter than most curries so be sure to order a cooling raita as well, in case it is too hot for you. Better still, if there is a group of you in a curry house, then just share your order so everyone can try a jalfrezi curry. After a jalfrezi curry you could give a madras curry a whirl (another curry loved by the Curry Focus team).

Just remember that eating curries is a pleasure, not a punishment.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to see if the chicken tikka masala curry does get overtaken by another yummy curry dish.

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