Eat Curry For Your Health

Every now and again we spot an article about the health benefits from some common curry spices.

And in the last few weeks, we’ve seen a couple of these articles (actually, we’ve seen quite a few articles but they are mainly all about the same things).

The first one we read about is extolling the use of curry spices to help reduce stress. A sample group of men was selected and fed two different meals with one containing curry spices and one without any of the spices. The meals with curry spices resulted in an increase in antioxidant activity in the blood and a reduction in insulin response – the benefit that we can understand, and relate to, is that a lot less triglycerides are produced in the bloodstream. You can read more about this story in the Times of India.

Another article we read claims that eating curry can cure tennis elbow. Curcumin, one of the main components of turmeric, blocks inflammation in the tendon. For the technically minded, the curcumin inhibits NfkB from promoting inflammation. As with a lot of these pieces of research, yet more research is needed to find a way to use this curcumin property effectively. Once again, you can read about this story in the Times of India.

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We think the message is clear – curries are not only yummy, they are good for your health.

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