Learn to Cook Curry

News, in the form of an advertisement in the Epsom Guardian, has reached the Curry Focus team of a great idea to show curry lovers how a great curry is made.

Rajeev Kumar used to be the chef at the London Cinnamon Club and the Oberai Hotel in India (a five star hotel). Now Rajeev is based at the Amani restaurant in Epsom Downs.

And what is the great idea? Rajeev will cook and demonstrate how to cook a three course meal. Now that’s what we call an education. Evening cooking classes have been around for a while but this is the first time we’ve heard of a professional chef who shows you how to cook.

The cooking demonstrations are only being held on one Sunday in August and one Sunday in September.

Spaces are bound to be limited so why not get in touch to make sure that you get in on this special event. The advertised price is £30 and that includes a three course meal for you to eat, as well as the demonstration. You can find out the details from the Amani website.

Hopefully other restaurants will think that this is a good idea and do something similar so that a lot more people can learn how to make a yummy curry.

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