Expensive Dubai Curry

I recently visited my sister and her family up in Scotland and happened to notice a quirky local story where somebody had ordered an Indian takeaway.

Big deal, I hear you say. There is nothing special about ordering a takeaway. But what makes this a story is that the curry is being cooked by an Ayrshire chef and being delivered to Dubai. Yes, Dubai.

Apparently there’s a Bangladeshi pilot, Mustafa Azim, who now lives in Dubai and who sampled Marfiz Ali’s special fish curry when Marfiz had an Essex restaurant.

Marfiz now has a curry house in an Ayrshire village, called Minishant, that is just south of Ayr.

The change of location didn’t prove an obstacle to Mustafa who tracked down Marfiz by using the Internet.

Marfiz is travelling to London to buy the special fish, called air fish, and then he’ll prepare the air fish curry and ship it to Dubai. Enough curry is being made to feed six people but the price tag of £2000 will make this a really expensive meal.

The Curry Focus team occasionally hears of similar expensive long distance curry deliveries and we hope that Mustafa enjoys this special curry when it arrives.

You can read more about this story here.

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