Curry Perfume on the Way

When news of curry scented perfumes first wafted around the Curry Focus office, we all thought that it was some kind of late April Fool joke.

But once we’d received the same news from 3 different sources, it turns out that it might be true.

A perfume making company, called “Essentially Me” have been commissioned to invent curry perfumes for men and women. So far, the range of perfumes includes tikka masala, madras, vindaloo and rogan josh. What, no balti?

The perfumes will contain part of the dish that they are imitating but we doubt whether you’ll find some tasty ingredient to taste rather than wear.

The perfumes are timed to hit the market in the autumn and only time will tell if they become popular.

I wonder if there’s any chance of garlic naan being added to the range?

You can read more details about this unusual news item here.

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