UK Curry Hotspots

There are several large curry hotspots around the UK where every second shop seems to be a curry house.

Perhaps the most famous curry hotspot is Brick Lane in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Competition for customers is fierce and a lot of the curry houses have staff outside trying to lure you into their restaurant, sometimes offering a free beer or starter.

I have a festival guide to the 2010 Brick Lane Curry Festival and there are 42 listed curry houses. Most of them are along Brick Land between Fashion Street and Woodseer Street but there are a few stragglers at the far ends of Brick Lane and a little cluster along Hanbury Street.

It would take you a fair while to eat your way along this exciting curry centre.

Most of the curry houses are Bangladeshi and the area is sometimes known as Banglatown.

The Brick Lane curry houses started to open when Bangldeshi immigrants settled in the area from the mid 20th century onwards.

Another famous curry hotspot is the Balti Triangle in Birmingham where there are about 50 curry houses in the area around Sparkbrook, Balsall Heath and Moseley. The Balti curry is reputed to have been invented in Birmingham. Birmingham had a high concentration of Pakistani immigrants in the 20th century and this is definitely the part of the country if you like a great balti curry.

Last, but not least, is Manchester’s Rusholme Mile which claims to have the highest concentration of curry houses in the UK with superb Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Sri Lankan cuisine on offer. The Rusholme Mile has more than 70 curry houses spread along Wilmslow Road in Rusholme.

These are the more well-known large curry areas in the UK. Is there a great curry hotspot close to you?

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