Chicken Dopiaza Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Another weekend means another curry. People ask me if I get fed up with eating curries. Why would I? I’m basically eating a different meal every weekend. It’s pretty varied. One week I might be eating a great vegetarian curry and the next I could be eating a meat curry. It’s just great.

So what’s on the menu this week? I scanned through the huge range of great Curry Focus curry recipes and spotted an easy to make chicken dopiaza curry recipe among the chicken curry recipes.

I’ve been known to enjoy a good dopiaza in the past. It’s hard not to like a good chicken curry with lots of onions.

One thing that I noticed was that you cooked all of the onions in the curry with this recipe. I’m used to having a dopiaza curry with cooked onion sprinkled over the top of the curry. So this curry would be a bit different.

When out shopping on Saturday, I picked up a few extra onions as well as the chicken thighs (I find chicken thigh meat to be tastier than chicken breast).

Late Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the curry ingredients. I saw that it would take about an hour to cook the curry and so I started the cooking about 30 minutes before the dinner guests were due to arrive.

And nothing much to report with the cooking as all went smoothly and there were no emergencies or problems.

The usual dinner guests rolled up just as the rice was going into the microwave. They do this quite a lot and I’m not sure whether they hide outside until they hear the microwave start up or they are just very good at timing.

Roughly on schedule, I served up the Chicken Dopiaza Curry on basmati rice to the eager diners.

And how was the curry? Great. The curry had a warm orange/yellow colour with a slightly sweet sauce (probably because of all of those onions). The chicken was well cooked and you could taste clove as well as the heat of the chilli. As you’d expect with a dopiaza, there was a lot of onion. Everyone enjoyed the curry and it received an excellent taste score of 8 out 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Very Hot”. About the only negative comment was that the dopiaza was a bit too hot – I know that the dried chillies that I used were very hot so maybe one would have been enough.

Anyway, this is a great curry which you should try for yourself if you like a dopiaza curry.

chicken dopiaza curry image

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