Yummy South African Bunny Chow

I was speaking to a South African work colleague the other day and he told me all about a great snack called Bunny Chow.

He was not too sure how the snack got its name but basically it is curry put into hollowed out bread.

I was intrigued and did a bit of research on the Internet.

Apparently the bunny chow was invented in Durban, South Africa when workers had their favourite curry in bread, as a tasty filling. They would hollow out the bread, put in the curry, cover the top with the bread that they had removed, wrap the bread and then go out to work. Lunchtime would come round and they would have a tasty meal.

Not all of a loaf need be used to make a Bunny Chow. A quarter of a load would be enough for most people.

The beauty of the Bunny Chow was that it lets you carry a curry around without needing extra containers or dishes.

And the taste is just great. The curry sauce seeps into the bread, making it moist and tasty. So you’re not eating dry bread around curry.

There is no clear reason why this delicious snack is called a Bunny Chow. The Chow part is fairly easy because chow is a well-used slang term for food. But the Bunny part? Well this is surrounded in mystery and there are lots of different theories, the most popular of which seems to be that shopkeepers in Grey Street (Durban) who made the snacks were called banias and so Bunny was a corruption of Bania.

Whatever the source of the name, this is an ingenious way to enjoy a curry and you probably do not have to be South African to appreciate it.

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