Chicken Madras Curry Recipe (version 1) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

I was away from home last weekend and suffering a bit of curry withdrawal as I browsed through the great range of curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. I was going to be out of the house for most of Sunday so I needed a fast and simple curry recipe. I quickly found a very easy looking Chicken Madras Curry recipe, in among the chicken curry recipes, which fitted the bill.

The list of ingredients was a bit longer than I liked but most of them went into a tomato paste/sauce mixture that should not take me too long to make.

I picked up the chicken and a few onions while out shopping on Saturday and spent Sunday out and about.

Late Sunday afternoon saw me arriving home and pretty quickly starting to prepare the meal.

As I thought, the tomato paste/sauce was quick to make and before too long I was back into the familiar territory of sauteing the onions.

Thereafter, the cooking progressed really quickly and I started to microwave the rice just as the final simmering phase was under way.

And the dinner guests arrived in time to have a quick beer while I was serving up the Chicken Madras curry on basmati rice.

Everyone tucked into the curry and the general comments were that the chicken was well cooked, the curry had a nice taste with a hint of coriander/cilantro. The fresh chillies gave the curry a good “burn” and it was no surprise that the curry received a heat/spice rating of “Hot”. Overall, the chicken madras received an average taste score of 7.5 out of 10 which meant that it was pretty good but not exceptional.

There was a leftover portion of curry which I had the next night, and, as often happens, the curry tasted a lot better the next day. I know that it tastes better because of the dual effects of the “marinating” and extra cooking time. Maybe I should make all my curries the day before they are needed. But this would mean that I would have to be a lot more organised.

This is really a good curry for you to try if you like a hot and tasty chicken curry.

chicken madras curry image

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