Curry Diet Helps Heston Woman to Lose Weight

News has reached the Curry Focus team about a Heston (Hounslow) woman who has been losing weight whilst eating curries.

Adya Deshmukh cut down the amount of oil in her curries and lost four stone (over 25 kilograms) in seven months.

This does not come as a surprise to us. Way back in 2009 we wrote a series of articles, titled “Curry Calorie Count”, which discussed how to cut down the amount of curry calories that you eat. The articles covered the whole range of eating curries and basically came down to two conclusions. Firstly, homemade curries have fewer calories than frozen curries bought from supermarkets (or shops) and ready to eat curries at restaurants or takeaways. Secondly, it is the curry extras, such as naan bread, poppadoms and deep fried snacks (such as samosas) that have lots of unwanted calories (even though they usually taste great).

It makes sense that homemade curries are the healthiest curries because you control the ingredients. You know that ingredients such as oil, ghee and coconut milk have lots of calories so you can reduce them when you make your own yummy curries. We’ve seen recipes that tell you to fry or saute an onion in 5 or 6 tablespoons of oil, which is waaaaaaayy too much oil. You can easily cook an onion in one or two tablespoons of oil.

Most of the great Curry Focus curry recipes use small amounts of cooking oil.

There are three articles in the “Curry Calorie Count” series that you can read.

And you can also read about Adya Deshmukh losing weight eating curries in the Hounslow Chronicle website.

So you can eat curries and lose weight – it’s official.

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