Beef Koftas and Tamarind Sambal Recipe Reviews

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Hi, Ray here again.

Not long ago, I bought a deep fat fryer and so I reckoned it was time to start making some of those deep fried curry snacks that are in the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes.

Amongst the beef curry recipes there was a very easy recipe for beef koftas and so I decided to make them. All I needed to buy when out shopping was some minced (ground) beef and some fresh coriander (cilantro).

There was only going to be three of us for dinner this weekend so I planned to have the extra koftas on Monday (there’s no way that 3 of us would get through 24 koftas).

So I made up the kofta mix and started to heat up the oil when the solo dinner guest arrived. I split the mixture and made up the kofta balls whilst the oil was heating up.

I got the rice underway and popped in the first 6 koftas to cook not long after I started to cook the rice in the microwave. I also turned on the lower oven to get warm so I could keep the first batch of koftas warm whilst the second batch was cooking.

And the first batch of koftas was ready after four and a half minutes – easy. I tested one of the koftas and it was well cooked.

I put the remaining cooked koftas onto a plate and popped them into the oven whilst I cooked the second batch which was, once again, ready after four and a half minutes.

I served up the Beef Koftas on rice and we got stuck in.

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was that the beef koftas would be dry (pretty obvious, on reflection). They were very nice, all well cooked and with a medium heat/spice level but they were dry. I went racing into the kitchen and came out with some mango chutney which helped a bit. We gave the koftas a taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

I decided to be a bit smarter the next day with the remaining koftas (which I stored in the fridge, covered with kitchen film). I thought that the beef koftas would taste better with some tamarind sauce so I looked through the pickles and chutneys recipes and found a really easy recipe for a Tamarind Sambal.

I already had everything needed for the sambal so I made it up as soon as I got home from work.

As soon as my flatmate arrived home, I cooked up the beef koftas, heated up some rice and then served up the Beef Koftas on rice with the Tamarind Sambal.

This time the koftas went down a lot easier than the day before. The tamarind sambal was tasty although we thought it was a bit too sweet (maybe it needed less jaggery and a little more tamarind?). Anyway, the sambal was well liked, had a heat/spice level of “Hot” and received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

I really enjoyed the beef koftas with tamarind sambal and they are recipes that I’m sure to use again. Why not give them a go for yourself?

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