Lamb Madras Curry Recipe (version 1) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Another weekend has arrived and so it is time to try one of the great Curry Focus curry recipes.

This week I spotted a lamb madras curry recipe that looked easy to make. It also looked like it would be pretty warm with a couple of chillies, some chilli and curry powder, some curry masala paste as well as a lot of ginger (double the amount in most curry recipes).

Nevertheless, I decided to give the recipe a try and bought some nice lean lamb whilst out on the Saturday shopping run.

And this is a very easy recipe to follow. I made up the curry powder and chilli sauce as well as some curry masala gravy before getting all of the other ingredients ready.

Once the ingredients had been prepared, it was a pretty straightforward recipe and, in a short while, the curry was ready. I tried the curry a few minutes before it was ready and discovered that it really was a hot one. So I quickly grabbed some yoghurt from the fridge, added it to a bowl, grated a carrot into the bowl, threw in a few coriander (cilantro) leaves and mixed them all up – an instant (pretty rough) raita.

I served up the Lamb Madras Curry on basmati rice for everyone and, in a trice, the curry was being eaten.

And everyone was adding the raita to their plates because this is was a very hot curry. The lamb was cooked well but the spiciness of the curry meant that the tastes were drowned out by the heat. If anything, the curry was hotter than most vindaloos that I’ve eaten. The raita was very popular, as was the dessert of fruit and ice cream, but the lamb madras curry only got a low 6.5 out of 10 for its taste score, with a spice/heat rating of “Very Hot”.

If you like your curries hot then this might be one for you to try, but if you like them mild then I’d steer well clear of this recipe although you could reduce the heat by missing out the chillies. A madras curry is supposed to be hot but this was way too hot.

lamb madras curry image

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