Most Popular Curry Blogs in 2010

This is the third, and final, review blog for 2010. The previous blogs were “Curry Focus Visitors in 2010”, which gave details of where our visitors come from, and “Most Popular Curry Recipes in 2010”, which told you about the most popular recipes on the Curry Focus website.

As with the curry recipes, a lot of you reach the blogs using the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So what were the top three blogs in 2010?

The most popular blog was “How to Cool Down a Curry That’s Too Hot”. This blog has been the most popular one every year since it was written so it seems that a lot of people have problems with a curry that’s too hot. If we’re not sure how hot a curry is going to be, or whether dinner guests will be able handle a curry that we think is “normal”, then we always make a raita dish because they are so cooling. And if the curry doesn’t turn out to be too hot, then we still have a yummy raita to eat.

The second most popular blog was “Indian Food – The Facts”. It doesn’t really surprise us that Indian curries are so popular. After all, we are curry fanatics. But the sheer scale of the money and jobs involved in the curry industry is quite amazing.

And the third most popular blog was “Indian Naan Bread”, which gives an overview of this delicious bread. I still remember with pleasure the time that I followed a Curry Focus naan bread recipe and ended up with really yummy naan. About the only tricky thing to work out was how long you need to put the bread in the oven to bake, this being because oven temperatures tend to vary a little. You can read about my triumph in my naan bread recipe review.

So there you have it – the three most popular blogs of 2010. Will they be the most popular of 2011?

We hope you continue to enjoy using the website, whether it’s to find a great curry recipe, an informed blog or to read about all kinds of curry information. Tell your friends about us. And remember, everything on the website is FREE.

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