Most Popular Curry Recipes in 2010

Our last blog, “Curry Focus Visitors in 2010”, gave details about the ever increasing number of visitors to the Curry Focus website in 2010.

Now we know that you come to the website mainly to find great curry recipes and to read the blogs.

So what were the most looked at curry recipes in 2010?

The most popular curry recipe for 2010 was for Chicken Bhuna. The chicken bhuna recipe was reviewed in February 2008, receiving a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 and a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

The second most popular curry was for Poppadoms. I tried to follow this recipe but couldn’t get it to work (you can read the poppadoms recipe review to see how it all went wrong). Since then, a new poppadoms recipe has arrived on the Curry Focus website and I am keen to see if I fare any better with this recipe. If you’ve got a good poppadoms recipe, why not share it with us by give us the details on the Add Recipe page and we’ll share it with the world?

About a year ago I took some curry cooking evening classes and asked about making poppadoms. The instructor, who was an excellent cook and very good at explaining how to make great curries, looked at me aghast. She explained that making poppadoms was very difficult and wondered why I wanted to do it when I could buy a packet of readymade poppadoms from lots of shops. But I’d like to be able to make some good poppadoms. It’s in my head that I have to do it and I’m determined to succeed.

The third most popular curry recipe in 2010 was for Chicken Biryani. You can read a review of the chicken biryani recipe and you’ll notice that I was getting a bit better at cooking with this meal because I actually managed to make some onion bhajis as well as the chicken biryani.

So there you have the most popular recipes on the Curry Focus website. Each of the three most popular curry recipes receives more than double the number of hits than the fourth most viewed recipe.

Special mention just has to be made for the leftover turkey curry recipes. There are several turkey recipes on the website and leftover turkey curry recipe version 3 had a lot of hits. The turkey curry recipes attract huge traffic, starting from about a week before Xmas and peaking around 28th/29th December. If the turkey curry traffic was constant throughout the year then they would be far and away the most popular recipes but the traffic patterns reflect that they are looked for during the 2 weeks on either side of Xmas Day.

The one worrying aspect of the search for leftover turkey curry recipes is that it’s now 2 weeks since Xmas and the recipe is still getting quite a few hits. We hope you’re not using turkey meat that’s been lying around all this time.

So now you know the most popular Curry Focus recipes for 2010. If you’ve got a good curry recipe then why not share it with us by giving us the details on the Add Recipe page? If you only know the metric measures, or don’t know the metric measures, then just give us what you know and we’ll work out the conversions for you. We’ll publish the recipe for everyone to see and you’ll get the credit for the recipe.

We’ve had some requests for changes to the recipe pages and we’ll be working on them soon. If you have any suggestions for the website then let us have them – you can send them to us from the Contact Us page.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy using the website. Tell your friends about us. And remember, everything on the website is FREE.

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