Mushroom Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Another mushroom curry recipe arrived amongst the Curry Focus vegetarian curry recipes a couple of months ago. That makes 3 mushroom curry recipes on the website but, for some reason, this one is labelled version 2. As you know, I like mushroom curries and they are usually so easy to make. So I decided to make the version 2 mushroom curry.

All I had to pick up during the shopping was the mushrooms and some coconut milk.

I saw that the cooking would only take about 25 minutes and so I prepared all of the ingredients and started the cooking just as the dinner guests arrived.

And, as I said before, this is a really easy recipe to follow.

The only slightly tricky step was when the spices were added and the ingredient mixture got a bit dry, so I had to stir pretty often to make sure that the ingredients didn’t stick to the pan.

As usual, I timed the rice to be ready just as the curry was ready and pretty soon I was serving up the Mushroom Curry on a bed of basmati rice.

The diners eagerly attacked the curry but soon slowed down. Why? Because the curry was really spicy hot. The mushrooms were well cooked, still being firm, and the curry had a great taste with that delightful coriander (cilantro) taste from the garnish.

I liked the curry but Wendy wasn’t too keen, with it being so hot, and just picked at the curry. I offered to quickly knock up some raita but she declined the offer. I would have made a raita to serve up with the curry if I’d known the mushroom curry was going to be so hot.

Overall, the mushroom curry received a taste score of 7 with a spice/heat rating of “Very Hot”.

The next time that I make this curry, I’ll miss out one of the chillies. And will there be a next time? You bet.

mushroom curry image

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