Great Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

Last week’s Chicken Kolhapuri curry was a big hit and I spotted another chicken curry amongst the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes. The curry was called Great Chicken Curry. The curry should be excellent if it is half as good as the name.

So I decided to keep on a roll with the chicken curry theme.

The Great Chicken Curry, like the Chicken Kolhapuri Curry, had chicken pieces as the main ingredient.

And it had the bonus of having potatoes in it. Who doesn’t like potatoes in a curry? Just great.

I picked up the required ingredients during the regular weekend shop and Sunday afternoon saw me preparing the ingredients, much as usual, prior to starting the cooking.

I saw that this looked like a pretty simple recipe to follow and parboiled the potatoes before starting to use my trusty large frying pan, in which I cook most of my curries.

All in all the curry would take about 45 minutes to cook (excluding parboiling the potatoes) and so I started the cooking about half an hour before the dinner guests were due to arrive.

And nothing went wrong. As I said before, this is an east recipe to follow.

I started up the rice just as the dinner guests arrived and was soon serving up the Great Chicken Curry on basmati rice at the dining table.

And what was the verdict? Great! The chicken and potatoes were well cooked and the curry had a great taste with a lovely thick sauce. The curry was attractive to look at with a nice mixture of tastes with that great background taste of mint.

The curry had a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

If you like a great chicken curry, then this is one that you really must try.

great chicken curry image

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