Welsh Curry Awards 2011

Here at Curry Focus we’ve heard about the British Curry Awards and the Scottish Curry Awards. And now we’ve picked up on the Welsh Curry House of the Year.

The Welsh Curry House of the Year award is now in its fifth year and there are over 280 Welsh curry houses which qualify for the award.

Wales has been split into 3 different regions and you can vote online. Voting is open now and is open until January 31st, 2011.

The competition is sponsored by Kingfisher Lager and only restaurants in the Kingfisher Directory of Indian Restaurants qualify to be voted upon.

The votes are then counted and the top 15 curry houses from South Wales, top 10 from North Wales and top 5 from Mid & West Wales qualify for the final stage.

Each of the 30 finalists must create a curry using Welsh lamb and leeks and put it on their regular menu.

The competition’s jury then has the great job of visiting the curry houses and trying out the Welsh dish.

The jury then picks a winner from each of the three regions and each of the restaurants is visited again by judges where their own signature dish will be tasted, along with the Welsh lamb dish.

Finally, the overall winner will be announced on 14th April, 2011.

This looks like a fun way to pick the best curry house in Wales and we only wish that we were on the judging panels.

You can get involved in the voting by checking out the Welsh Curry House website.

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