Chicken Kolhapuri Curry Recipe Review

Hi, Ray here again.

The weekend is here again and so it is time for another curry. And are there curry recipes left on the Curry Focus website for me to try? You bet. There are still lots of different recipes for me to try. I scanned down the range of chicken curry recipes and spotted the Chicken Kolhapuri curry recipe.

I’d never heard of the kolhapuri dish before but it only took a quick web search to find out that the dish originated in a place called Kolhapur, which is in the south-western part of the state of Maharashtra. You’ve almost certainly heard about Mumbai (Bombay) which is the capital of Maharashtra.

Most of the Curry Focus curry recipes are pretty easy to follow and this one was no exception.

As usual, I had most of the required ingredients and all I had to pick up, whilst shopping, was the chicken (a mixture of chicken thighs and wings) and some fresh coriander (cilantro).

The cooking time for the curry is about 45 minutes and I started to prepare the ingredients about an hour before the scheduled dining time.

The preparation didn’t take long at all and I was soon starting to do the cooking.

And there is nothing complicated at all about making this curry.

The dinner guests arrived just as I popped the rice into the microwave. How do they time their entrance like this? They often arrive just as I start to cook the rice.

Anyway, I served up the Chicken Kolhapuri curry on basmati rice to the hungry diners.

I knew that the dish was a hit before I even tasted it because nobody was talking – they were just eating.

The chicken was well cooked and the curry had great flavours. The spice/heat rating was hot and this was especially true if you chose to eat a whole chilli (Wendy refused to have one on her plate). And the beauty about this meal is that you get to pick up and chew the meat off the bones. The chicken kolhapuri was an instant hit and received a great taste score of 8 out of 10 (there was some left over which I had the next day where it was even tastier).

If you like yummy chicken curries then I definitely recommend that you make this one.

chicken kolhapuri curry image

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