Tasty Leftover Turkey Curry at Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving falls on November 25th, and no doubt lots of plans and preparations have been made for families and friends to meet up over the holidays to indulge in the traditional Thanksgiving meal of stuffed turkey with all the trimmings such as cranberry sauce, gravy, yams, potatoes and squash (plus many others).

And, almost as traditionally, there will be lots of turkey left over after the meal and this turkey will form the basis of more meals over the next few days.

Well what better way than to enjoy a home-made turkey curry instead of another cold turkey meal or turkey sandwich?

There are some leftover turkey curry recipes on the Curry Focus website that you can try out. Why not check out the recipes and get the needed spices and other ingredients before Thanksgiving so you have them at hand?

Remember that you can cut back on the chillies and curry powder if you want a milder curry. Or you can make a raita to accompany the curry so you can cool down the curry if it is too hot for you. There is an excellent article amongst the Curry Focus blogs on how to cool down a curry that is too hot.

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