Roti Recipe (version 1) Review

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Hi, Ray here again.

It’s time for another weekend curry but this time I was going to concentrating on making a bread to go with the curry. There are a few great-looking bread recipes and I wanted to make some roti. About 3 weeks ago I was browsing in one of my local Indian hardware stores and bought a roti board and rolling pin. Both of these are made out of wood with the roti board being round and about 25cm (10 inches) in diameter – the wooden rolling pin is smaller than a standard rolling pin and is sized for the roti board.

The bread recipes section of the Curry Focus recipes has a great Roti recipe.

Like most bread recipes, there are only a few ingredients and steps to make the bread.

I mixed up the flours, salt and oil in a large bowl and then added the boiling water. I then mixed up the ingredients by hand, being careful not to burn myself with the boiling water.

I left the mixture for 15 minutes, split it into 4 equal portions and then rolled out each roti to the required size. I must admit they weren’t perfectly round but they weren’t too bad.

Now this is where cooking breads, such as naan and roti, becomes a little of trial and error. This is because the cooking time varies depending on the heat under the frying pan. The frying pan obviously wasn’t hot enough when I made the first roti because it took about 4 times longer to cook than it should and the resultant roti was a bit stodgy.

But everything went well after the first roti, probably because the frying pan got to the correct temperature. The other rotis swelled up really well and were nicely browned.

I served up the roti with a chicken jalfrezi that I had made earlier in the day (I didn’t want to have to make two things at once – I know my cooking limitations) with basmati that I started to cook as I started to cook the roti.

And the rotis were great. They scooped up the curry just like they should and had a nice taste by themselves. They were well cooked (apart from the first one) and received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “None”.

You really should try this recipe if you like roti (and who doesn’t?). I’d recommend that you experiment with a sample batch so you can work out the best cooking timings for yourself.

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