Almond Fudge (Badaam Barfi) Recipe Review

almond fudge – badaam barfi - image

Diwali is only a few weeks away and I was told by a friend of mine that a lot of sweets/candies are eaten during this annual festival.

The great range of Curry Focus recipes has a category that includes sweet and candy recipes and the recipe for Almond Fudge (or Badaam Barfi) looked to be an easy recipe for me to try as the first time that I’ve ever made fudge.

There are only 4 ingredients in the recipe so this should be easy. Right? Wrong. The recipe method was slightly wrong and I over compensated for the first mistake.

All in all, I made the fudge 3 times.

The first time was a disaster mainly because the method did not explain to melt the butter. So I didn’t melt the butter. And when the ground almonds and butter went into the saucepan, the contents turned into a big lump that was impossible to stir. I tried to stir it around but it was solid and all I was doing was hurting my wrists.

I had a think about the recipe and decided that there should be more milk. I increased the milk to 600 ml (20 fl oz). At the same time I figured out that the butter needed to be melted before being added to the saucepan. So I did all of this on my second attempt.

This time the fudge was too runny. I cooked it a lot longer than explained in the method and it was still too runny. I poured it into the dish and hoped that it would set but it didn’t. The only way to eat it was with a spoon.

The third time, I decided to go back to the original amount of milk and melt the butter. So would it be third time lucky? Yes.

Everything went well on the third attempt. The one thing that did still hurt was the final stirring of the fudge. The fudge thickens quite a lot and my wrist was tired after a minute – somehow I managed to get through the final 3 minute stirring.

I poured the Almond Fudge into the greased dish, covered it with kitchen film and popped the fudge into the fridge.

Now the question arose as to who would test the fudge. I don’t have a sweet tooth and neither did any of the regular dinner guests. So the next morning I cut up half of the fudge, put the pieces onto a plate, covered the plate with kitchen film and took the fudge into work. I set up the fudge on a small space in the centre of the office and pretty soon the fudge was quickly disappearing. Everyone who took some fudge had to give a taste rating and make a comment.

And, according to my work colleagues, the Badaam Barfi fudge was fantastic. The fudge had a great taste and texture and wasn’t too sweet (a lot of fudge is far too sweet). The fudge melted in your mouth was one of the best comments. And the fudge received a stunning 9.5 out of 10 taste rating (there were no spices in the fudge so there was no spice/heat rating).

If you’re planning to celebrate Diwali this year, or you have a sweet tooth, then this would be a great recipe to make a yummy treat.

almond fudge – badaam barfi - image

almond fudge – badaam barfi - image

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