Mushroom and Coriander Soup Recipe Review

mushroom and coriander soup image

There was a distinct chill in the air so I thought it would be good to have some soup to warm myself up.

The range of Curry Focus curry recipes has a category that includes soup recipes and I quickly spotted the Mushroom and Coriander Soup recipe. Who doesn’t like mushroom soup?

This looked like an easy mushroom soup recipe to follow so it was perfect for me.

And it really was an easy soup recipe. Once I’d cleaned and chopped up the mushrooms it was only 20 minutes until the cooked soup was ready to be blended into a smooth soup.

I left the soup for 15 minutes to cool down a little before blending.

Once that was done, all I had to do was wait for the diners to arrive before heating up the soup and adding the yogurt and serving up the soup.

I’d bought some roti earlier in the day and heated them up to eat with the soup.

So I served up the Mushroom and Coriander Soup with a plateful of warmed roti to the diners.

And the soup was delicious. It was very smooth and had a great mushroom taste with a nice coriander taste with a hint of paprika.

The Mushroom and Coriander Soup got an excellent taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Mild to Medium”.

This is the first time that I’ve ever made soup but it won’t be the last. I really encourage you to try this recipe if you are partial to a great tasting soup – I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

mushroom and coriander soup image

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